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What do you want for yourself? Not just a new thing; what’s calling from deep within you right now? What’s at risk if you don’t answer this soul’s calling? What’s possible if you do say Yes! to you and to the Universe? 

Pathways of support await you.

Pathways of support await you.

Do You Feel Called ?

The Athena journey is one of discovery, support, and clarity. If you are have been wondering, taking classes, reading books, and looking for your heart’s ignition, here are some questions to ask yourself if Athena's Magical Secrets 2019: The Deep Dive is right for you:

Athena’s Magical Secrets is designed for the seeker's open heart. Sessions will reward you with a passion for new ways to connect with life's joy. Our journey will satisfy that longing to ignite your true heart's fire and desire. This experience is for souls with a sensitivity and wisdom to know there’s more to life than what meets the eye. This program addresses your desire to live a more magical life, and meet your need to feel part of a community of supportive, wise and powerful women.

Ignite your Heart Fire

Ignite your Heart Fire

Athena's Magical Secrets: The Deep Dive is here for you.

You will discover ways to activate the energy of your vision in your field. These spiritual practices, quantum physics and ritual will amplify your ability to ignite your life and your impact in the world. This activation will Support bringing your heart fire passion from idea to manifestation.

This program is designed for each woman to be and bring her best. The Support of the Athena Sisterhood is one where you are unconditionally seen, heard and valued.  It serves as your foundation for your continued elevation in how you live your life. You are supported as you support others towards empowerment and grace. All that is required is to show up fully you, accountable for your powerful light and accessible to your expansive compassion. 

Athena’s Magical Secrets journey delivers Clarity and confidence in your ability to activate the energetic world to support Your True Hearts Desire. Your confidence will come from seeing Clear results from your spiritual practices, sacred boundaries, and rituals—to keep your energy focused and working for you. 

No matter if you're clearing a pathway step-by-step, or starting a global movement, you need support to navigate your steps forward in the most elegant, energized and efficient way. When you are carving your own way, no energy can be wasted. You have a soul’s spark which is always calling to you, but that doesn’t mean that it’s always easy to hear, feel or know. It is rare to find a circle of love and compassion to fuel your heart flames. 

*Payment plans are always available

Athena's Magical Secrets: 2019 Structure

The focus of our 9-month journey is on igniting your true heart fire and strategically activating what you want to energetically finance your path, as well as setting limits on patterns that drain or distract. This year we’ll work with topics covered in past classes, but dive deeper to ensure they are taking root in your life to empower. Working with these tools over and over ensures you activate of the full power of these tools. All ritual, when done with intention and energetic activation should have an impact you can feel, sense, see and touch. This is our mission.  

AMS 2019 will cover: tarot, numerology, spirit guides, enneagram partnered with Kolbe, and crystals partnered with essential oils.

Connect with love.

Connect with love.

This course includes:

  • In-Person Retreats for Opening and Closing Program*

    • Opening retreat is February 16-17 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

    • Closing retreat is October 5-6 in Cincinnati, Ohio.*

  • Monthly Virtual Group Sisterhood Sessions 7:45-9:00 PM EST

Each monthly virtual group session will provide a new teaching topic, a chance to connect with each other for updates, and loving accountability and support.  The monthly calls will be held Mondays:

  • March 18

  • April 15

  • May 20

  • June 17

  • July 15

  • August 19

  • September 16

  • Optional: Athena Sister Monthly Calls

Each Athena Sister has the option to sign up to participate in one-on-one calls with rotating Athena Sisters for deeper connection with each other and with the subject matter. Guidance for each call will be lovingly provided. This is not a requirement.

  • Monthly Individual Coaching Calls

    Individuals will be able to schedule 30-minute coaching calls with Brenda

  • Individual Reading ($600 value) by Brenda

    Can be redeemed between March and September 2019


    • Ignite Your Intuition Teleclass ($79 value)

    • Tarot 1 ($395 value)

*Transportation and lodging not included.