Am I Enough?

Have you ever read a book or spent time in the presence of another and afterward found yourself asking: Am I Enough?

I think we all have. And, usually, this is good! These moments can be an inspiration and a calling to live bigger, to thrive, to make a difference and leave a legacy.

Recently, I found myself asking if I was 'enough'. I was reading Gloria Steinem’s My Life on the Road. The book was a gift from Mom. I had planned to only read the introduction but I couldn’t put it down. One amazing adventure unfolded after the next from her travels. I was mesmerized yet found myself getting pulled between the “compare-me-demons” and the “just what the hell have I been doing with my life?!” vibe.


A third of the book later, I finally made my way to my desk to read through some evaluations from my women’s leadership program, Athena in Action. As I read through the evaluations of the course, over and over I got:

  • The course had asked much of me, and it was worth every moment!
  • It was valuable to invest in myself and take this time.
  • I learned about myself and I’m a better mom, daughter, wife, and leader.

While reading this feedback, I realized Athena in Action made a difference for these amazing women. And, I felt deeply how my Athena Sisters continue to make a huge difference to me. Smart, kind, resilient, thoughtful, funny, over-committed, professional woman showed up for the program, for themselves, for each other and for their organizations to challenge themselves to grow and apply their new skills at work and in their personal lives. We shared ourselves, authentically, every step of the way to form an Athena Sisterhood of accountability and support.

There will always be moments when we wonder if what we are offering to this world, and if the lives we are living, are enough. I am inspired by the women who have participated in Athena in Action—their power, their clarity and their willingness to be vulnerable so they can find their strength and their influence…to create and to care for themselves, their families and their work… in that order.

You never really get to know what impact you have in the lives of the people you know - or beyond. We are all doing our best, and if you feel like you aren’t, I encourage you to explore those feelings and consider joining forces to find your tribe or ask about Athena in Action. And as the end of this book nears, I muse if Gloria Steinem would approve of the Athena Sisterhood, and this brings a small smile to my face. Maybe I’ll invite her to become an honorary Athena Sister?

Brenda Villa

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