How Does Your Garden Grow?


As you feel the Earth beginning its thaw in the Northern Hemisphere, it is natural to feel the urge to plant seeds in the ground, as well as in life. When preparing for your harvest, whether it be flowers or food... you don’t just scatter seeds randomly on the ground and wait for your garden to show up. The same is true for your personal vision. If it's a beautiful dream you're planting... every step along the way, you have to energetically prepare for it.

There’s so much to tend to before your dream manifests. So let’s get busy! Just three steps to start…

Step One: Create space in your mind in a heartfelt, enthusiastic way. Visualize your ideal outcome. Repeat: “I know it’s going to happen.” After a while, you'll feel the energy of your vision begin to build in your heart, in your personal energy field. That’s the energy that will blast you through your day and keep you connected to your dream.

Step Two: Create a space in your life for this dream to manifest. If you are someone who is booked seven days a week and can’t even find the time or energy to smile at a stranger… that is exactly the message the universe collects from you: that you have no space for the new. Adjust your life and schedule to show that you are ready and open to receive what you’re trying to manifest. Make space for the grace. 


Step Three: Visualize yourself surrounded by the events, the people and the activities you desire for twenty-second intervals. See it in action, feel it as real. If you made your vision board for your goals this year, make sure it's in your line of sight each day. (And if you didn't make one, now may be a good time to do so! Check out my earlier blog—Empowering Your Vision—for guidance and inspiration.)

Tom Petty had it right: The waiting is the hardest part. But in that waiting, you can often find the beauty and grace. Only then can you be the person who is ready, open and awake enough to receive and harvest the Divine's infinite bounty and gifts. 

These three steps are a marvelous start, and there is no standard for "progress" on each personal journey. This process is one of unfolding and you must allow yourself time, support, and play to enjoy the experience. Access guidance and support below: 

There is not a timeline you need to meet. Your journey is a garden, meant to be carefully planted and tended. Create this garden for yourself one gentle step at a time.

Always in Love in Light,




Brenda Villa