This 60-minute session delivers a deep personal and soulful connection, which is your unique and powerful step on your growth journey. A typical session includes elements of mediumship, meditation, tarot, numerology, enneagram, and handwriting, this is where you will gain insights into your spirit and your gifts. You can receive messages from loved ones who have passed on, spirit guides, as while as identify places where you get stuck in your day to day earthly life and how to move forward. Because we cover a lot of ground, the session is recorded so you can review it later and continue to discover more insights to create more joy in your life. These sessions are healing, inspiring, and give you enough information to impact your life for years to come.

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Athena's Magical Secrets

February 16 - October 6, 2019

The Support of the Athena Sisterhood is one where you are unconditionally seen, heard and valued.  It serves as your foundation for your continued elevation in how you live your life. You are supported as you support others towards empowerment and grace. All that is required is to show up fully you, accountable for your powerful light and accessible to your expansive compassion. This program is designed for each woman to be and bring her best.

Athena’s Magical Secrets journey delivers Clarity and confidence in your ability to activate the energetic world to support Your True Hearts Desire. Your confidence will come from seeing Clear results from your spiritual practices, sacred boundaries, and rituals—to keep your energy focused and working for you. 


Beauty of the Tarot Level 1

March 15 – March 17, 2019

Have you ever been stuck, overwhelmed or need inspiration on your journey? Do you ever wonder about your life’s path? Do you feel and experience moments of deep intuition, and would like to have confirmation of your feelings? 

Tarot will validate your intuition, provide inspiration for your journey, and guidance for those moments of uncertainty. You will explore an ancient language that speaks with great clarity, guiding you through our modern days. Join us on this deep dive weekend where we connect with tarot. No experience is necessary—only open hearts and minds. 

Through my own deck, The Beauty of Tarot, and its accompanying teaching course, I have guided thousands of clients and students for twenty-five years, masterfully activating the nuances of tarot’s soul-language within their hearts, to help navigate their life with greater insight, confidence and effectiveness. Together we can explore tarot’s sacred and ancient world. You will access powerful inspiration, awareness and personal guidance. I am honored to give you this sacred and multi-dimensional system.



August 23-25, 2019

I hope you'll join me to gain further tarot insights, and to get lots and lots of hands on practice with experienced readers and real live clients and plenty of loving supervision, of course!