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An Evening of Intuitive Shopping

  • newport beach, california (map)

You are invited to a unique night of intuitive shopping. I will be speaking about the energy that attracts us to objects, trusting our intuition, how to become conscious collectors of belongings that give you sustained joy, and how this awareness of energetic guidance enhances joy in all areas of your life.

Learn to master the art of collecting exquisite items meaningful to you. Enjoy conversation and shop the collections of featured designers, Suzzane Currie and Lise Abraham of Ulloo 42 art-cycled furniture and decor & Latondra Newton of stôn by Latondra.

This event will be held in Newport Beach, California 92660.

To attend, email or call: 513.604.2498

The Ulloo 42 Story:


Suzanne Currie sources pieces for their uniqueness and inherent potential for inspiration and development into something very special. "Each piece is made with love and many hours of working by hand to invidualize them." Currie says. "In this age of unlimited choice we felt the need to pare down and offer a small selection of items that we hope will resonate with people." 


Co-Founder Lise Abraham was of like mind from the start. "We hope that in these pieces you will see the global influence that we have both been fortunate enough to have had in our lives." Abraham adds. "Suzanne wanted to give these pieces a new life by approaching each piece as an art project, whether it is a sofa or chair, a lamp or other object. From there they become unique, hand-crafted pieces."



The stôn by Latondra Story: 


Designing jewelry brought Latondra close to her roots. Her lineage—artisans who made quilts, furniture and even houses — taught her the power of utility and beauty. That's why she designs pieces that fit well and empower the person wearing them. Finding her voice through jewelry opened her up to new relationships, new ways of thinking, and new ways of viewing harmony all around us. 


stôn is a collaboration of women. We pull a lot of our creative energy from the women arounds us. We share the same stories, the same challenges, the same victories. stôn is inspired by the courage and poise these women exhibit in their daily lives. We are committed to giving back to women, improving their lives, and celebrating their resilience. 

These thoughtful and talented artists will be on hand while I discuss energy, our attraction to objects and sacred space. Sacred Space can be as luxurious as you want, or it can be very simple. It can be a bookshelf, a corner in your bedroom or bathroom, or an entire room dedicated to peace and tranquility. All it takes is an intention to check in, aided by elements or items that have meaning for you. These items could be related to your lineage—an item a relative gave you or a photo, or a rock from a favorite family vacation spot. What matters is that when your eyes fall upon it, you remember the ‘bigger you’—the ‘you’ that is greater than the feeling of being behind, frazzled & overwhelmed. This makes for a very different day than moving from a place of stress. For me personally, I like to keep something that represents the four elements of nature: earth, water, air, fire. Being in nature is a big healing element in my life, and because it’s such a big spirit, it reminds me to live life large!

When you can spend a few moments sitting in your sacred space, you can breathe in quiet, clarity, serenity, joy… and reclaim a part of you previously lost in the chaos. Just by taking a few minutes to reconnect, you get to move through your day from a solid foundation—from a place of connection that leads to a more centered, calmer you. 

Hope to see you there!






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