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Athena's Magical Secrets

The Support of the Athena Sisterhood is one where you are unconditionally seen, heard and valued.  It serves as your foundation for your continued elevation in how you live your life. You are supported as you support others towards empowerment and grace. All that is required is to show up fully you, accountable for your powerful light and accessible to your expansive compassion. This program is designed for each woman to be and bring her best.

Athena’s Magical Secrets journey delivers Clarity and confidence in your ability to activate the energetic world to support Your True Hearts Desire. Your confidence will come from seeing Clear results from your spiritual practices, sacred boundaries, and rituals—to keep your energy focused and working for you. 

No matter if you're clearing a pathway step-by-step, or starting a global movement, you need support to navigate your steps forward in the most elegant, energized and efficient way. When you are carving your own way, no energy can be wasted. You have a soul’s spark which is always calling to you, but that doesn’t mean that it’s always easy to hear, feel or know. It is rare to find a circle of love and compassion to fuel your heart flames. 

Earlier Event: January 10
Ignite Your Intuition