Connections Track 3: Preparation for Meditation

Connections Track 3: Preparation for Meditation

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While there are wide and varied schools of meditation, there are a couple of universal principles which go across all of them. The first one would be to keep the body comfortable. If you’re not physically comfortable, then you’ll be fidgeting, the mind with the chattering, and the body will be complaining. This is definitely not conducive to meditation.The body needs to be comfortable in order to facilitate deep internal connections. Its important to be sitting for meditation unless you’re physically unable to sit.

So sitting, while it may seem obvious, is indeed a very important aspect to consider when meditating. When being led in meditation, people often hear the phrase, “Take a comfortable seat.”
What does that mean?”

Sometimes, when we think of someone meditating, we conjure up in our minds the picture of someone seated on the floor in a cross legged position, with her arms outstretched so her hands are on her knees and her index finger gently touches her thumb.

And that would indeed be a great way to sit for meditation, but only if this is a comfortable seat for you. So it’s available to you and it’s not required.