Knight of Earth

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The Earth element in tarot refers to matters of the physical world / energy. This suit represents something earthy, tangible, solid, dense or steady. Money, physical body, health, career, resources (including computers), security, stability, safety, and matters of physical manifestation here on Earth are all embodied by this suit.

In Tarot, the Court Cards represent the people, archetypes, or situations in our lives or within ourselves. They can be the most elusive cards in the deck, because they are filled with flexibility, variety, people, and situations that are ever-changing. This part of the deck requires deep spiritual listening, for the story may not be as clearly presented until you tune in. The meaning of the suits (elements) in the Court Cards carries over from the Numbers Cards. 

Knight of Earth

Represents a determined and dependable energy that prefers to work quietly. This quiet and practical energy is also physically strong, needing regular physical outlets to release his energy. The Knight of Earth has a Virgo energy, and typically carries as younger energy, and can represent a child, younger adult or new situation. The Knight is mutable, flexible, not steady, and usually entertaining.


Brenda Villa