King of Fire

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In Tarot, the Court Cards represent the people, archetypes, or situations in our lives or within ourselves. They can be the most elusive cards in the deck, because they are filled with flexibility, variety, people, and situations that are ever-changing. This part of the deck requires deep spiritual listening, for the story may not be as clearly presented until you tune in. 

The Fire element represents creativity, inspiration, spirituality, and sexuality. This suit is super-charged, embodying all that we feel or sense, but cannot touch. Just like fire, this suit is fearless and at times, impulsive. The energy of fire is not sustainable—it is hot, inspired, and lively, often leading you in a new creative or intense personal direction.

King of Fire

With Aries energy behind him, the King of Fire is quick-tempered and self-centered, exploding with little forewarning and recovering in a child-like manner (quick, with little remorse). The King of Fire is often a public figure, artist, or celebrity. Consider the King card a mini-Emperor. A card with Cardinal qualities, it brings the message of new beginnings, forward movement, initiation, rules, and creation.


Brenda Villa