King of Water

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In Tarot, the Court Cards represent the people, archetypes, or situations in our lives or within ourselves. They can be the most elusive cards in the deck, because they are filled with flexibility, variety, people, and situations that are ever-changing. This part of the deck requires deep spiritual listening, for the story may not be as clearly presented until you tune in. 

The Water element is the symbol of the emotional world—feelings, relationships and connections. Fluidity is represented as part of this element, as well as counseling, addictions and sensitivity. Matters of the heart rule the Water element in tarot.

King of Water

The King of Water is dedicated to assisting others with emotional growth. With Cancer energy supporting it, The King of Water is nurturing and sensitive. This card represents a coach, mentor, or someone who likes to be needed and loves to counsel others on their journey. Consider the King card a mini-Emperor. A card with Cardinal qualities, it brings the message of new beginnings, forward movement, initiation, rules, and creation.


Brenda Villa