Team Development

When individuals and team members have greater awareness of themselves and each other, they can leverage these insights to create environments which foster collaboration, productivity, and accountability that are essential to deliver exceptional results and personal experiences. To this end, Brenda has a unique ability to optimally leverage our “human operating systems” by applying two powerful assessment tools:

  • Enneagram Assessment. Often described as a personality test, the Enneagram identifies the underlying drivers (desires, fears, stressors, sources of security) which dictate how we observe and respond to our environment.

  • Kolbe Indexes. Kolbe measures conation—the natural instinctive traits, interests and expectations that define how someone approaches problem solving, adapts to change, improvises, analyzes, processes detail and so on. These insights can help:

    • Leaders create better teams by putting the right mix of talent in the right roles;

    • HR departments hire and retain the right people;

    • Individuals perform to their full potential by understanding their own—and their colleague’s—innate abilities.

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