About Brenda Villa

Whether a Fortune 50 or a start up, companies turn to Brenda Villa when they need to:

Leverage women leadership talent more fully. Brenda consistently delivers empowered, talented women leaders ready to influence strategically; trust their instincts to innovate; and have greater, lasting impact on their teams, organization, and customers. (Athena in Action)

Create career-best performance. Especially when rethinking values and vision are required to transform processes, culture, and results. (Executive Coaching)

Build high-performing teams. Brenda shows leaders how to step up their game when it comes to engaging team members; caring for their specific developmental needs; and making sure they’re seen, heard and valued—while helping team members harness the power of diverse perspectives necessary for the tribe to thrive. (Team Development)

What’s more, Brenda sees what’s possible for her clients beyond what they recognize. This includes helping executives curate new skillsets and mindsets to match new demands. And she has a penchant for evolving individuals from a specialized or narrow focus to having a broader organizational influence—and a bigger vision for the business.