Team Development

When team members have greater awareness of themselves and each other, they can generate supercharged collaboration, productivity and accountability, all of which are essential to delivering exceptional results.

To this end, Brenda employs two powerful tools to illuminate individual behavioral patterns and how those patterns, habits and preferences impact the team — for better or worse:
  • Enneagram Assessment. Often described as a personality test, the Enneagram identifies the emotional drivers (desires, strengths, fears, and stressors) which dictate how we operate and respond to our environment.
  • Kolbe Indexes. Kolbe measures conation—the instinctual operating traits of how each manager orients themselves to the world: historically, systemically, risk wise, and tangibly as s/he approaches problem solving, adapts to change, improvises with imperfect information, and processes details.
The results of both assessments come together to produce eye-opening “ah ha moments” and game-changing group dynamics. Team members learn how they can:
  • Support each other in the most productive way without losing time and energy being too polite or too rude.
  • Get triggered by others into less productive, even damaging behaviors, and how to move through challenging events with maturity, respect and ease.
  • Communicate with more honesty, authenticity, trust and humor.
  • Value vulnerability and leverage it to build team connections.
  • Adapt more readily to new circumstances, leadership models and goals.
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