You are a Hero

During this COVID pandemic, it is important to acknowledge that Stress Fatigue is Real. It’s hard to fully relax with the energy of the unknown filling each and every space. This stress fatigue affects us all in different ways.

Invest Your Energy Wisely

There are so many scenarios where you can end up entangled within yourself—no longer living your life—only reacting to what’s happening. Life provides an endless

Boundaries & Compassion

You know instinctively how to care for others, whether it be by sending a love note or text, taking care of things before people realize

Fight, Flight, Freeze – Thrive

When you find yourself in a challenging situation—one where it’s hard to see your way out of, over, or through—it’s natural to feel too embarrassed

Soul-Feeding Investment That Pays

t’s critical to be aware of how you are energetically engaging with the activities, food, people and places that feed and fuel your soul. It’s literally what your life is made up of. Earth School is hard… and you never graduate until you draw your last breath. So while you’re here, take responsibility for being your best self by refreshing and refueling regularly – not just when you’re drained.

Make Restlessness Your Guide

Restlessness is the result of feeling anxious or bored. It is one of the most frustrating emotions you can experience. When you know something isn’t going right in your life, your mind cannot rest. Sometimes it’s easy to identify the source of your frustration; sometimes, it feels like a vapor or mist that surrounds you, clouding your path: you can’t put your finger on it, but you feel it’s presence.

Change & Transition

Change is messy. Or so we’re taught to believe. We’re also taught to believe change is painful and scary. And most of us can accept

Empower Your Vision

Vision Boards are a fun, energizing and magnetic way to connect your intention and your vision to your daily life. And they are always a popular way to anchor and energize your New Year Vision.